Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Archie # 13: "A Spotty Story," "The Flash," "The Big Shot," "Pop's Bad Day" and "The Deeds Do It" by Bob Bolling

From The Adventures of Little Archie # 13 (Winter 1959-60)

1. "A Spotty Story" - Betty is angry at Spotty for always chasing Caramel.

2. "The Flash" - In first Little Archie adventure story, Little Archie finds himself pursued by a wolf.

3. "The Big Shot" - Little Archie must learn to "think big" when he gets into a prank war with Weasel Williams.

4. "Pop's Bad Day" - Little Archie's new squirrel causes trouble for his mom and pop alike.

5. "Robin's Revenge" - One-page gag starring Caramel.

6. "The Deeds Do It!" - Little Archie tries to do good deeds.

"A Spotty Story"

"The Flash"

"The Big Shot"

"Pop's Bad Day"

"Robin's Revenge"

"The Deeds Do It!"

Little Archie # 14: "Webfooted Warbler," "The Runaway," "Trust In Me," "The Lucky One," "On Time" by Bob Bolling

From The Adventures of Little Archie # 14 (Spring 1960)

1. "Webfooted Warbler" - Little Archie brings his frog, Elvis, to school.

2. "The Run-Away" - Little Archie and Spotty set out for Europe on a raft.

3. "Trust in Me" - Betty tells Caramel to be more trustworthy.

4. "The Lucky One" - Little Archie tries to recover the lucky dime he put in the jukebox.

5. "On Time" - Little Archie comes up with a shortcut to get to school on time.

"Webfooted Warbler"

"The Run-Away"

Betty's Cat Caramel in "Trust In Me"

"The Lucky One"

"Little Archie On Time"