Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Archie # 12: The Famous Flyer," "It's An Old Saying," "TV Time," "A Fishy Marriage" by Bob Bolling

From Little Archie # 12 (Fall 1959)

1. "The Famous Flyer" - Little Archie decides to become famous by proving he's a "good mixer," first by taking up model planes, then real ones.

2. "It's an Old Saying" - Fred tries to coax Little Archie into going to the dentist with a series of wise old sayings.

3. "TV Time" (one-page gag)

4. "A Fishy Marriage" - Ambrose is told that Bubbles McBounce is his future wife.

"The Famous Flyer"

"It's An Old Saying"

Caramel in "TV Time"

Ambrose in "A Fishy Marriage"

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