Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Archie # 1 by Bob Bolling

From Little Archie # 1 (July 1956)

Introduction - Editor's introduction to the debut issue of Little Archie.

Story # 1 - In the very first Little Archie story, Little Archie pretends to be on a Safari and tries to round up animals. (Note: all the stories in the first two issues are untitled.)

Story # 2 - Little Archie tries to build the perfect soapbox derby racer

Story # 3 - Little Archie and Ronnie play at being married.

Story # 4 - Ronnie finds a way to win the loyalty of the troops in Little Archie's army.

Gag Page and comment form - A one-page gag and a form for kids to submit their opinions on the first issue of Little Archie..


Story # 1
Script and Pencils: Bob Bolling
Inking: Bob White

Story # 2

Story # 3

Story # 4

Gag Page

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