Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Archie # 10 by Bob Bolling

From Little Archie # 10 (Spring 1959)

1. "Ark Antics" - After hearing the story of Noah's Ark, Little Archie builds his own ark and lets the Good Ol' Gang and their animals on in exchange for jelly beans.

2. "Balloon Boy" - The Good Ol' Gang sends Ambrose up in a balloon to observe the South Side Serpents and report on their movements.

3. "Civilized Savages" - Little Archie convinces the Good Ol' Gang to build their own civilization.

4. "Track Trick" - One-page gag starring Betty and Caramel.

5. "Pop's Weighty Problem" - Fred Andrews tries to lose weight by taking up the kids' hula hoop fad.

6. "Camera Sly" - Little Archie tries to become a movie director.

"Ark Antics"

Ambrose in "Balloon Boy"

"Civilized Savages"

Caramel in "Track Trick"

"Pop's Weighty Problem"

"Camera Sly"

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