Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Archie # 22: "Caramel Has a Tale," "Martians Return," "Lawbreaker" and "The Wishing Witch" by Bob Bolling

From The Adventures of Little Archie # 22 (Spring 1962)

1. "Caramel Has a Tale" - Revealing that she has the ability to speak (but only to little children), Caramel tells Betty and Veronica the story of her life as a stray cat, and how she found homes for her three kittens.

2. "Martians Return" - Abercrombie and Stitch return to Earth in a rocket ship cleverly disguised as a shooting star, bringing with them another Martian creature: the Grizbik, who exists only to make things neat and tidy.

3. "Lawbreaker" - Little Archie plays policeman, and puts all his friends in jail for breaking his arbitrary laws.

4. "The Wishing Witch" - Little Archie is assigned to work on a bird-feeding project, and an eccentric witch gives him a book that will tell him how to attract a very unusual bird.

"Caramel Has a Tale"

Little Archie in "Martians Return"

Little Archie in "Lawbreaker"

"Little Archie And The Wishing Witch"

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