Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Archie # 20: "The Long Walk," "Buzzin' Cousin," "The Strange Case of Crawford Crab" and "Plesiosaur" by Bob Bolling

From The Adventures of Little Archie # 20 (Fall 1961)

1. "The Long Walk" - In perhaps Bolling's most famous story, Little Archie tries to get out of his promise to walk Betty home from school by leading her through a dangerous shortcut.

2. "Buzzin' Cousin" - Little Archie recalls his first meeting with Ronnie's grinning cousin, Dewey Lippersnipper, who can do anything Little Archie can, only better.

3. "The Strange Case of Crawford Crab" - The story of Crawford, an iconoclastic crab who became an outcast at the bottom of the sea because nobody understood his sense of humor.

4. "Plesiosaur" - Little Archie is menaced by a prehistoric sea monster -- and only Waldo Pinckley's song "Stone Age Rock" can save him.

Little Archie in "The Long Walk"

Little Archie in "Buzzin' Cousin"

Little Archie presents "The Strange Case of Crawford Crab"

Little Archie in "Plesiosaur"

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