Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Archie # 30: "Sled With a Mission," "The Glacier Glow-Gun," "Bully For You," and "Stampede!" by Bob Bolling

From The Adventures of Little Archie # 30 (Spring 1964)

1. "Sled With a Mission" - Little Archie delivers groceries for Midas Mudge, the stingiest man in Riverdale.

2. "The Glacier Glow-Gun" - Mad Doctor Doom seeks to cause global warming by building a special gun to melt the polar ice caps.

3. "Bully For You" - Tired of Fangs Fogarty's bullying, Little Archie sets out to prove that bullies always get cold feet.

4. "Stampede!" - Little Archie goes on a magic carpet ride with the cigar-smoking carpet-weaver Abu Broadloombo.

"Sled With A Mission"

"The Glacier Glow-Gun"

"Bully For You"


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