Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Archie # 19: "The First Dance," "The Cat," "Troubles With Bubbles," "The Carson's Creek Story" by Bob Bolling

From The Adventures of Little Archie # 19 (Summer 1962)

1. "The First Dance" - Ronnie tries to get Little Archie to take her to a dance.

2. "The Cat" - A cat burglar breaks into the Andrews home.

3. "Troubles With Bubbles" - Bubbles McBounce cheats to win a trip to the movies with Little Archie.

4. "The Carson's Creek Story" - A mysterious stranger helps Little Archie with his report on Riverdale's history.

"The First Dance"

"Little Archie Puts Out the Cat"

"Troubles With Bubbles"

"The Carson's Creek Story"

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